The Six Senseless Drivers

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    6 Senseless Drivers

    You’ve seen them on the freeway, in the parking lot, and occasionally, in your lane. They love to be out on the road, when they should be at home taking an online traffic school course. These 6 senseless drivers may think they’re above the law, but if they don’t change their habits, sooner or later they’ll end up under a bus, or wrapped around a tree.

    The Beauty Queen

    The Beauty

    The Beauty Queen is a master of multi-tasking. She can put on her makeup,drive, and shorten the lifespan of everyone on the road—all at the same time.





    The Parking Hog

    The Parking

    This pesky parker thinks outside the box, or outside the parking space, at least. He’s a true artist who can’t be bothered by trivial constraints like “the law,” or “lines,” or “basic consideration of his fellow drivers.”





    The Spontaneous Merger

    The Spontaneous

    By neglecting his blinker, the Spontaneous Merger truly becomes a
    master of illusion. One moment he appears to be a competent driver… the next he’s suddenly in your lane!





    The Butt Head

    The Butt

    Some say The Butt Head tosses out the remains of his cigarette because he doesn’t want trash in his car. But if that were true, he’d have kicked himself out long ago.





    The Mystery Braker

    The Mystery

    Stop? Go? It’s all a mystery when you’re stuck behind this spontaneous braker!





    The Slow

    To most people, the Slow Poke is an inconsiderate driver who makes the commute miserable for everybody. But in his own mind, he’s the pace car of his very own parade!





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