America’s 11 Best Road Trip Pit Stops

There is an art and a science to the American road trip. It blends the fascinating with the mundane and the ordinary with the extraordinary. One of our favorite pastimes, the road trip has become an iconic spectacle in pop-culture and American tradition. Shifting focus from the destination to the journey, the road trip offers chance encounters, personal realizations, and an opportunity to see the America that escapes the city, and convention.

And it only takes one brief but frantic statement from a rear-seated passenger to ruin everything: “I have to pee!”

But alas, help is here. We’ve mapped out a few of the best road trip pit stops across the U.S. for … ahem … when nature calls.

Here are the 11 Best Road Trip Pit Stops in America. If we left out your favorite, let us know below in the comments!

Big Shoe Building in Bakersfield, CA – San Francisco, CA – Los Angeles, CA or San Diego, CA

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Even Yao Ming couldn’t fill these shoes, er, shoe. The Bakersfield big shoe building has become a landmark in the city for travelers between Los Angeles and San Francisco, because it looks exactly like a 1947-style shoe, which makes sense because it was built in 1947. Built of plaster and wood, the owner and operator ran a shoe repair shop out of the 20 foot tall, shoe-shaped hut for almost 50 years. When he passed away, the shoe lay dormant, as if tucked away deep in a closet, for years until it was purchased by someone in 2003. What business is run in the Big Shoe Building of Bakersfield now? A shoe repair, duh! Hopefully this building doesn’t smell like a 63-year-old shoe, but you may want to take a picture of it with your car windows rolled up … just in case.

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