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Advantages of Carpooling
By Breana Schwarm

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Advantages of Carpooling
By Breana Schwarm


Think about it. If everyone carpooled to work, there would be less cars on the road, fewer accidents, shorter commute times, better air quality and a safer drive for everybody. But that's not going to happen overnight. If you've ever mulled over carpooling to work, here's the extra push you need to make that consideration a reality.

Environmental Impact

Something as simple as carpooling to work can have a huge impact on the environment. According to The Rideshare Company, the average vehicle releases ten thousand pounds of carbon dioxide every year. An overabundance of CO2 in the atmosphere is the leading cause of global warming. We have already experienced the effects of global warming—severe heat waves, hurricanes, droughts, etc.—and it's only going to get worse.

Carpooling Also Saves You Money

Carpooling to work is not only good for the environment, but it's good for your wallet too! Alternating driving to work means less wear and tear on your vehicle, filling up your tank every other week, and less mileage on your car. It may not seem like a lot, but the savings adds up quickly. Other split costs include toll roads and parking permits.

Other Perks

Saving money is not the only perk. Carpooling makes for a less stressful commute. If your car needs to go to the shop, you can always ask on your carpooling buddy to drive that week. It’s also a great way to get to know somebody (and their taste in music) outside of the work environment. And while it’s not your turn to drive, you can use that extra time in the morning to eat breakfast, prepare for your 9 a.m. meeting, or get some shut eye. Perhaps the greatest benefit to carpooling is driving in the Diamond Lane or HOV Lane during rush hour traffic. And if it makes you feel safer, most drivers have a tendency to drive with more caution when there is a passenger in their vehicle.

Vanpool Services

Employers can benefit from decreased parking costs and tax incentives by providing vanpool services. A vanpool is similar to a carpool except one employee drives a company-sponsored van carrying 7-15 other employees. Meeting a central location, the vanpool allows riders to enjoy all regular carpooling benefits at a shared low cost. And sometimes the driver gets to ride for free!

For more ways to help, visit the US Environmental Protection Agency web site.

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