Clash of the Car Commercials Round 4

Every month we put two car commercials head-to-head and let our blog readers vote on which one they like most. So far there has only be ONE winner.

Last month, “The Force” by Volkswagen took out yet another challenger in our Clash of the Car Commercials. “The Force” has now overwhelming defeated, “Peanuts 1961 Falcon” by FORD, “Imported From Detroit” by Chrysler and the creepy “Confidence” heads from Is there a better car commercial out there?

Watch both of the videos featured below and vote for your favorite. Next month we’ll put the winner up against another challenger that will come from your suggestions.

Don’t forget to nominate your favorite…

Tell us what you favorite car commercial is down in the “Comment” section below. It doesn’t matter how new or old the commercial is, if it is good, we may feature it in an upcoming round of Clash of the Car Commercials!

This month’s Challenger:

“Godfather” by Audi

Current Champion:

“The Force” by Volkswagen

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Which car commercial do you like better?

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