The High Price of Gas: Democrats vs. Republicans [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gas prices have been a HOT topic in this year’s election. Republicans have blamed President Obama as the cause of rising gas prices while Democrats blame his predecessor, George W. Bush. We’ve read a lot of conflicting information in media reports on the rising cost of gas and asked, “So who is responsible? Have gas prices been higher under Democratic or Republican Presidents in the last century?  When fixed for inflation, are we paying more at the pump than people were 100 years ago?”

We looked at each president for the last 100 years and calculated the actual price paid under that president (as an average for the length of that president’s term), and what the price would be fixed for 2012 inflation (also an average for the length of that president’s term).  An important thing to keep in mind is that this does not include President Obama’s entire term as he is still in office and that gasoline prices are higher than they were last year. Also remember that some president’s terms were longer than others.  Please feel free to leave your comments or question at the bottom of this page.  The results might not be what you’ve expected…

This infographic was researched and designed by I DRIVE SAFELY, the largest online driver’s training program in the United States.

The Price of Gas over the last 100 years - Democrats vs. Republicans

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